Parenting Coordination

How will a Parenting Coordinator help?

The Parenting Coordinator will assist you to develop strategies for dealing with conflict that arises in your co-parenting arrangements, so that you can uphold Agreements and Family Court orders. They will also help you to be child-focused in your decision making and help you to avoid exposing your children to conflict to ensure the best outcomes for your children following your family separation.

Some specific tasks that a Parenting Coordinator can do are:

  • Assist parents to minimise and avoid conflict and protracted litigation even in high conflict situations.
  • Coaching in post-separation conflict resolution, anger management and communication
  • Develop skills to communicate with each other more positively and reduce stress in lasting ways.
  • Establish co-parenting agreements
  • Supervising compliance with Family Court orders
  • Mediate any conflict or disagreement
  • Education on the impact of parental conflict on children and reduce children’s exposure to parental conflict
  • Reduce tension and stress when children are moving from one home to the other so that they feel safe, happy and secure
  • Create a more relaxed environment so that children can have both parents playing a positive and active role in their lives.

How often do you meet with your Parenting Coordinator and what are the fees?

The sessions that parents have with the Parenting Coordinator would usually be fortnightly for the first three to six months and then by agreement, monthly for a period of up to two years. We will meet with you in person, online via video conferencing and on the telephone. Sessions are for 90 minutes. We also understand that from time to time there are urgent issues that may arise and we will attempt to meet with you at short notice in these instances.

In most circumstances the Parenting Coordination fees are shared between both parents, however the parents may negotiate an alternative arrangement depending on the personal circumstances. The fees are $500 per hour and are paid prior to each appointment.

How do we engage a Parenting Coordinator?

A Parenting Coordinator can be appointed by a Judge either on application to the Family Court or by agreement in Family Court orders or by agreement in a Parenting Plan. It is an alternative pathway to assist separated parents to resolve issues without having to return to the Family Court when there are disagreements or misunderstanding about arrangements set out in the orders.

Please contact us and we can provide you with more information about commencing the process.


Appointments are available on weekdays, and after hours where necessary.

You do not need to obtain a referral to attend an appointment, however you may wish to obtain a GP Mental Health Care Plan. Please discuss this option when you are making your initial appointment.

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